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About The Practitioner

Marlene is an Idaho native, raised in Pocatello, ID where she enjoyed romping in the foothills, which helped to balance out the chaos that surrounded her family and school life.

Her Grandfather influenced her from an early age about wellness and prevention. She was teaching herself from adolescence how to take responsibility for her own health.  The distress and trauma from those informative years lingered under the surface of her body, until in her mid-thirties she started having lower back issues. Being headstrong and knowing how to push through the pain, she lived with chronic pain for 15 years. She used chiropractors but found only minimal help, and then she tried massage therapy and could tell a difference. 

Something inside her clicked and she thought ‘I could do this work!’

In massage school, Marlene received great feedback on her touch and started her practice before she completed her schooling.

Studying the various modalities, Craniosacral Therapy made a big impression upon her; yet persuaded by what most people wanted/expected she went into deep-tissue massage.

While taking care of her own body's needs Marlene received several sessions of Ortho-Bionomy® and liked the subtle deep results, which reminded her of her Craniosacral training and it’s many benefits. In 2009, she furthered her studies and incorporated Craniosacral Therapy and Ortho-Bionomy® into her treatments.

Marlene's intuitive touch and strong compassion to help others live more fully in their bodies is making a difference on a daily basis in other’s lives. The results in her long-standing client’s bodies have been remarkable.

Marlene’s Practice Philosophy

  • Less is more when working with the central nervous system
  • Awaken the body’s innate ability is to self-correct
  • Tune into the rhythm and tone of each individual

Marlene is passionate about wanting:

  • To make a difference
  • To use the gifts she was given
  • To help others

Marlene’s Interests

  • Idaho outdoors adventures
  • Riding her motorcycle
  • Volunteering at the Idaho State Veterans Home
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