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“You have smart hands”

“My feet feel so much better”

“After decades of neck pain I finally found relief”

“I tried Chiropractors, deep tissue massage, and PT, this stuff works."

"I have used Marlene’s service for several treatment sessions in the past two years. Her approach is different from Chiropractic doctors and Massage therapists. I feel immediate relief from muscle and joint pain when she treats me. I have recommended her to others in the past and will continue to do so."

"So grateful for Marlene's loving hands and spirit that allowed our Mother's final years of life with dementia to be more peaceful and comfortable. Marlene and Gracie (the dog) bring a special touch to end of life care."

"Marlene is a very caring and intuitive therapist. I worked with her consistently to alleviate chronic neck pain associated with a recent whiplash. She practices Ortho-Bionomy, which is a very gentle, subtle therapy that not only releases chronic muscle tension but addresses the nervous system too. This therapy helps the body to find its own natural balance and harmony allowing for healing to take place. I would highly recommend Marlene."

"I have been seeing Marlene twice a month for about four years. She was recommended to me by my sister. I was having a lot of issues with my feet. Had had surgery for tarsal tunnel and wasn't getting around very well. I was looking for someone to help me get back on track with the feet and hopefully relieve some of the pain from the scare tissue buildup. Not only did she work on my feet but my whole body! I didn't know how out of whack I was. I am 63 and feel better than I have felt in years! I highly recommend Marlene, she truly cares about her clients and there health."

"I have been seeing Marlene now for a number of years. I have several chronic medical issue that I have not been able to successfully control without her help. I suffer from Ankylosing Spondylitis, Osteo Arthritis and have had both knees replaced. Due to the degeneration of the vertebrae in my neck and lower back I suffer a great deal of pain along with stiffness most days. My body always lets me know when it's time to get in to see Marlene. I always feel immediate relief after an hour long session. I'm not sure just how to explain the process but I do know it works like magic for me. My Rheumatologist would prefer that I don't continue to ride my motorcycle. Marlene has made it possible for me to do just that. Never give up! There is help available. If you have been having trouble getting relief for chronic problems I would highly recommend you give Marlene a try. Note: Like most therapies it will get better the longer you stick with it. You need to be consistent with any therapy to gain the full value of it. I am happy I have Marlene to help take care of my physical issues."



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